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Learning Targets

Current Reading Targets

  • I can use the following signposts to help me make meaning in my reading: contrast/contradiction; aha moment; again and again; tough questions; Words of the Wiser; Memory moment.
  • I can find examples of the signposts in my reading.
  • Chart of signposts with definitions.

Current Language Arts Target

  • I can add interest to my writing by varying the way I begin my sentences.
  • I know how to start sentences with nouns/pronouns, articles, adverbs, prepositional phrases, adjectives, infinitives, and participial phrases.

nouns: common nouns and proper nouns

pronouns: I, You, She, He, We, They, my, his, her ,our, it...

articles: a, an, the

adverbs: Reluctantly, the children left school to go home.

adjectives: Ashamed, Mary Lou admitted that she lied about breaking the lamp.

prepositions: (remember anywhere a cat can go). Under the stairs, lived a little mouse.

infinitives: to + base of a verb--To jump, Sarah had to bend her knees. To finish his homework, he had to move away from all distractions.

participial phrases: a phrase beginning with an -ing verb that describes what it's next to. Tipping the can over, the dog ate the garbage. Rolling in the water, the elephant trumpeted.